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Emerging Palestinian Filmmakers: A Collection of Short Films

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(Sun 26 May: 11am)

This diverse array of films were all submitted to the Festival by emerging Palestinian filmmakers. From the resolve to resist house demolitions, to the courageous risking of personal safety to document the realities of occupation, each story encapsulates a unique facet of sacrifice. Others delve into the everyday struggles of acquiring basic necessities, the grief of martyrdom, and the internal battles of self-acceptance. These films serve as powerful testimonies to the steadfast resilience and humanity of the Palestinian experience, shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of sacrifice that define that reality. Through their artistry, these emerging filmmakers offer profound insights into the shared struggles and enduring spirit of a people determined to assert their dignity and rights in the face of injustice.

All films are subtitled in English.


Eitr عطر by Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller
Grinding away at the family business, Mohamed works tirelessly selling knock-off perfume, while living as a knock-off version of his true self. Eitr explores queerness in the context of Arab culture and family structure, leading into secret worlds that we build for ourselves and how we share them with others.

Genre: Romantic Dramedy | Year of Release: 2023 | Languages: English, Arabic

Shattered Memory ذاكرة مهشمة by Hayat Labban
The documentary honours the memory of photojournalist Mahfouz Abu Turk and explores the archive through which he documented the events he experienced in the city of Jerusalem and the West Bank from the first intifada in 1987 until the end of the 1990s.

Genre: Documentary, Archive | Year of Release: 2023 | Original Language: Arabic | Subtitles: English

Zawaya زوايا by Mira Hajhassan
Siham and her goldfish, Tooteh, find themselves trapped in a half-empty house by an oppressive system that lives inside their walls and will soon begin demolishing them. As danger approaches, Siham uses her imagination to process her pain and resist the oppression.

Genre: Drama, Dystopian | Year of Release: 2023 | Original Language: Arabic | Subtitles: English

For You لأجلك by Mahmoud Hamdan
The film revolves around the friends of the martyr, paramedic and dancer Sajed Mizher, exploring their psychological state and emotions following his martyrdom. The film presents, in an experimental visual style, scenes from before, during, and after his martyrdom.

Genre: Experimental Documentary | Year of Release: 2022 | Language: Arabic | Subtitles: English

Does Not Exist ما في by Rami Ahmad
Yousef and his grandfather Saeed are Palestinian-Syrian refugees who fled from the Syrian war in Yarmouk to live in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, where Youssef struggles to keep his grandfather alive.

Genre: Docu-Fiction | Original Language: Arabic | Subtitles: English


Falastin Film Festival (FFF) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit collective of Palestinians and allies dedicated to bringing Palestinian art to Edinburgh and Highland audiences. Palestinians are often summed up as an ‘occupied people,’ and spoken for, though they have their own stories to tell. Using cinema as a tool of resistance the festival strives to decolonize the narrative and equip audiences with historical context. There is a desire to build community while celebrating Palestinian art and culture through cinema, music, cuisine, and other storytelling mediums. Scotland’s exposure to Palestinian society, art, culture, and humanity altogether remains rather limited. FFF hopes to fill this gap, using both classical and contemporary cinema primarily but not exclusively. They strive to highlight Palestinian steadfast resistance, cultural preservation, stories of love, and in the words of poet Rafeef Ziadah, teachings of life. In so doing, they offer a refreshing portrayal that encompasses the geographic, linguistic, and experiential diversity of the Palestinian people globally.

Visit their website falastinfilmfest.com or follow them on social media @falastinfilmfest.

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